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Tahiry x Complex Magazine: The Exclusive Interview, Gallery & Video

October 18, 2009 Leave a comment

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Tahiry Complex Pic Main

Tahiry (Joey’s X-Girlf) heats it up in her new photo shoot with Complex Magazine. She also talks about her recent break with longtime boyfriend Joe Budden, her becoming a household name, and her future endeavors. Im pretty sure you don’t care about nothing except her “Velumpcious Booty” lol! So for all you freaks, get the lotion ready and hit the jump!!! :-)

>>>>> [Scratch & Sniff For More Pics & The Video!!!] <<<<<


Slaughterhouse HardKnock Tv Interview Pt.1-3

August 12, 2009 Leave a comment

SlaughterHouse Stops By HardKnock Tv To Talk About New Album, What Brought Them Together, Groups That They Feel Rival Them, And More. This Was Recorded Before  (But In The Days Leading To) The Fiasco With Raekwon And His Goons.

Attack Of The Goonies: Joe Budden Wants To “Square Dance” ?

August 10, 2009 Leave a comment

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Update!!! Update!!! Update!!!

Joe Buddens, In Light Of Him Getting Boxed (Punched), Backstage, At The Rock The Bells Tour, By One Of Raekwon’s Goons, Decided He Wants To Square Dance. Im Not Talking About The Dance Country Singers Made Popular In the 70s And Hasn’t Seemed To Die. Im Talking About Shooting The 5, Throwing The Hands, Scuffing The Boots, ¿Lighting The Candle? Im talking About A Good Old Fashioned One On One, Man, To Man, Winner Take All Fight.

I Could See Why Joe Would Want To Take It There. He Got Punked By 6 Dudes And Punched In the “Shoulder Face” By A “Mamath.” He Wants To Get His Dignity Back. It’s Understandable!!! I Don’t See It Happening, But I Get It. All I Can Say Is, I Hope This All Will Blow Over And Dudes Will Continue With Their Daily Lives And Put This Petty “Ish”  Behind Them.

P.S.  Square Dance LMAO!!!!

Attack Of The Goonies: Mickey Factz ¿The Eye Witness?

August 9, 2009 Leave a comment


As You All Know, There Was An Altercation Between Joe Buddens And Raekwon (Including 6 Of His Goons) The Other Day. During The Cali Stop, For The Rock The Bells Tour, Raekwon Decided To Pay Joe Buddens A Visit. Needless To Say, One Of Rae’s Goons Decided To Take Matters Into His Own Hands And Punchs Joe In the Face. Out Numbered 6 To 2, There Was Nothing Else To Do Except Take It.

In This Video Mickey Factz Drscribes What Happened And How, Eventhough He Is A Fan Of Wu Tang, He Feels It Was A Sucker Move. Take A Look And A Listen, Comments Are Always Welcome.

P.S. We Will Keep You Updated. Check Back Later For More Info And More Video Footage.

Attack Of The Goonies: Joe Budden Gets Duffed Out (Punched) During Live Stream!!! [Killer Bees Swarm]

August 8, 2009 5 comments

Attack Of The Goonies Pic

Before Everything Poped Off

Joe Budden Confirms Getting Punched In The Face!!!

Live Stream (BlogTV)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Apparently Raekwon didn’t take the apology as sincere as Method Man did. As a result, earlier today Raekwon, Member of the Wu-Tang Clan, and six of his “Goons” decided to pay, rapper, Joe Buddens a visit. While streaming live, Joe Buddens and fellow rapper Mickey Factz were  confronted backstage at the Cali concert (Rock The Bells Tour). Thats when it popped of! A few words were said Joe Budden Coped The plea but in the end Raekwon’s goons decided to take matters into his own hands, LITERALLY!!! The end result, A Black Eye To Match Tahiry’s.

*We’ll keep you posted!!

“Slaughterhouse” The Album In Stores August 11th!!!

Joell Ortiz – Food For Thought (One Shot) [Official Music Video]

August 4, 2009 Leave a comment

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Mr. Peter Parker Interviews Joell Ortiz

August 4, 2009 Leave a comment

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