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SoundDepth “The Saga Begins”

January 20, 2010 Leave a comment

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PSA: CeLeBraTion TiMe!

September 4, 2009 Leave a comment


Today, Thanks To You, We Officially Hit 1000 Posts. It Was Long And Hard. There Were A Lot Of Ups And Downs, But We Made It. Our Hats Off  To All Our Die Hard Fans Who Visit Our Sight Each And Every Day. Our Contributers, Who Keep Us Abreast Of New And Developing Information As It Presents Itself ( The Dead Link Reporters, The Commentators Who Actually Leave Comments, The “New Comers,” Return Visitors, And The “Whilers” (People Who Come Once In A While). Even The Spammers, Because Sometimes We Do it Too! Last But Not Least, The Staff, Who Keep This Site Running, Because Without Them We Wouldn’t Of Gotten This Far.

On The Cusp Of This Momentous Occasion, We Would Like To Announce, We Are Becoming A Self Hosted Site! What Does That Mean, You Might Ask. Well… For Starters, We Are Adopting A New, Totally Revamped, Layout, To Completely Optimize The Sites Performance, While Making It More User Friendly. The Sites URL Link Will Be (Which Can Be Used Now) And Not (As Shown At The Top Of Your Screen), Making It Easier To Find In Search Engines. An In Depth, Behind The Scences View Of The SoundDepth Production Team Will Be Enacted. Also, You Can Become A Free Member, To View Exclusive Material & Compete For Give Aways On Plus, A Whole Bunch Of Other Surprises We Don’t Want To Let Out The Basket Just Yet.

When Does This All Happen?

Follow The Timer. The Digital Stop Watch Has Begun. It Is Ticking Down To The Point Of Detonation And Trust Me, You Want To Be There When It Goes Of. It May Happen Before Or It May Happen Exactly When The Timer Hits 0. So, Keep Your Eyes Glued To Your Computer Screens.

The Saga Continues…,

PSA: Lil Wayne “Get Schooled”

August 27, 2009 Leave a comment

This Would Of Been A Spare Me Moment, But, What Wayne Is Saying Has Validity. Getting An Education In Today’s Society Is Becoming More And More Of A Concern. Majority Of Jobs, Now-A-Days, Require A College Degree Or , At Least, A High School Diploma.

Im Not Talking About Mc’ D’s Or  Working The Warehouse At Cosco, Im Talking About Jobs That Will Allow You To Sustain A Comfortable Living. Im Not Saying Working At A Fast Food joint Or Cosco Is A Bad Thing, But, Not Getting An Education Puts You That Much Further Behind The Curve.

It’s 2009! G.E.D.’s Won’t Get You Where You Need To Be. Don’t Let Those Commercials Lie To You! It’s Time To Aim Higher, Shoot Further, And Think Beyond The Petty Shit Of Now! It’s A Struggle, But, One To Sacrifice For. Especially, When You Have More Than One Mouth To Feed.

PSA: Careerbuilder “Its Time” {Commercial}

August 25, 2009 Leave a comment