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Lady Gaga & Darkchild – The Making Of “Telephone” [Studio Session]

Lady Gaga Performance Pic

Super producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins just released some studio footage of Lady Gaga’s hit“Telephone,” which features Beyonce. The clip below is just previews of the studio session with Lady Gaga, no Beyonce. Most likely because Beyonce was never their. Darkchild’s long-time writting partner, Lashawn Danielsm, most likely did the reference and emailed it to her. Then Beyonce and her vocal coach, arranger, and who ever else assists her with her songs recorded it over in their own studio session.

Tidbit: While i was surfing a producers forum, i saw an article on Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, and it said he started producing with Dell Computers. Judging by the video, he made a big step up to a mac and a slew hardware instruments. But being an aspiring music producer, you learn you always have to start from somewhere… things aren’t just going to come to you. So if any of you want to make a start like Darkchild did, here are some Dell Coupons I came across the other day. In these horrible economic times, any savings is great. So if a Dell isn’t your thing, here are some more coupons. Your Welcome!!!

***The song “Telephone,” is available on Lady Gaga’s second studio album,“The Fame Monster,” which is in stores right NOW. Anyway, Enjoy!!!

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