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Rihanna – Russian Roulette [Official Music Video]

Rihanna Russian Roulette Video Still

Here is the official music video for Rihanna’s new song ”Russian Roulette.” It’s the 1st official single off RiRi’s highly anticipated 3rd studio album,”Rated R,” which hits stores November 23rd. The music video was directed by Anthony Mandler. The song was produced by Chuck Harmony & Written by Ne-Yo. Anthony should just make this a short film and ink one of them Direct TV Deals. I know Rihanna would have loved the extra money. I have gotten one of them Direct Tv Packages before. They should just use half this video as one of them “ON Demand” previews that Direct TV Offers.

It involves gun play and underwater scenes in which Rihanna is pierced by bullets, her blood clouding as her body contorts. There are her shadowy tormentors, who keep her locked away and subject her to all sorts of torture including gassing her with red smoke and setting a cat on her. There are scenes of her twisting and pawing in a padded cell. At one point, she is mowed down by a speeding car. Through all of this however, she survives and her partner is killed in the Russian Roulette game.

Director Anthony Mandler, who also directed the singer’s “Wait Your Turn” clip, said the video is the perfect embodiment of the haunting ballad.

“I think that with this song and the meaning of this song and how loaded it all is, no pun intended, how much imagery and perhaps symbolism that is loaded in this song, the only way to do it was to do something that was visually challenging,” he told MTV News about the video, which premieres Friday (November 13) on “20/20.”

Mandler thought of the video as a metaphor for Rihanna’s very public life in the gossip pages, as opposed to a direct comment on her February assault by then-boyfriend Chris Brown.

“I think you can’t effect change unless you’re willing to take a risk,” he said. “You can’t get people to pay attention and understand unless you’re willing to push the limit and try new things. The song, this situation, everything is so frontloaded with so much gossip and so much media coverage and so many emotions and stories that if you don’t try to do something that is poetic and layered in symbolism, then you’re either running from the truth or you’re being too obvious with it.”

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