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Nelly Furtado Graces The Cover Of Naked Eye Magazine [Fall/Winter Issue]


Nelly- Furtado Naked Eye Magazine Cover

The Portuguese-Canadian songstress, Nelly Furtado, graces the cover of the Canadian-based magazine, “Naked Eye,” for their Fall ’09/Winter ’10issue. In this issue, Nelly opens up about her new album, record label and “a penchant for belting ’em out en español” (putting out her “Mi Plan” album in all spanish.) Anyway, Enjoy!!!

Nelly Furtado Naked Eye Spread 1.2

As stylists, make-up artists, managers, label reps, publicists and latte-wielding assistants mill around a cramped hotel suite, I can’t help but think the obvious: all these people are gathered here to realize one woman’s vision. And we’re reminded that she’ll be arriving any minute. Given that we’re talking about Nelly Furtado here, one can safely assume she isn’t holding us up because of any celebrity-induced affectation or to squeeze in an extra half-hour of full-body Shiatsu. The Canadian musician of Portuguese descent didn’t exactly build her eclectic, thriving career by indulging a larger-than-life persona.

>>> [MUCH More INSIDE!!!] <<<

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