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Taylor Swift Beats Michael Jackson For Artist Of The Year “Where Is Kanye When You Really Need Him???”

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michael-jackson-Taylor-Swift-Kanye-AMAImage Via: Examiner

Taylor Swift was named favorite female artist in the pop/rock and country categories, and favorite adult-contemporary artist. Her 2008 album “Fearless,” the best-selling release in the United States this year, was also named favorite country album. She accepted her awards live via satellite from backstage at London’s Wembley Arena, a concert she is suppose to be doing Monday.

FYI: They should just make this Kanye/Swift feud a reality show and ink one of them Direct TV Deals. I know they would love the extra money. I have gotten one of them Direct TV Packages before. They should just use the much talked about MTV Awards clip of Ye interrupting Taylor as one of them “ON Demand” previews that Direct TV Offers. If i was swift, i would squeeze the recent success she has received from this altercation for every last drop. Holla at me Direct TV, i’ll get this show started… lol!

“Music has never been ultimately about competition,” Swift said, after winning the artist of the year prize. She said it was an”unimaginable honor” to be cited in the same category as Jackson, and thanked the Jackson family.

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Live Performances At The 2009 American Music Awards

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ABC celebrated the 37th edition of the American Music Awards which reward the best artists of the year. The evening was marked by the performances from Janet Jackson, Rihanna, Whitney Houston and Jay-Z, just to name a few. Here are some of the performances from the 2009 American Music Awards… I’ll post more and better quality videos when they become available. Anyway Enjoy!!!

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Nelly Furtado Graces The Cover Of Naked Eye Magazine [Fall/Winter Issue]

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Nelly- Furtado Naked Eye Magazine Cover

The Portuguese-Canadian songstress, Nelly Furtado, graces the cover of the Canadian-based magazine, “Naked Eye,” for their Fall ’09/Winter ’10issue. In this issue, Nelly opens up about her new album, record label and “a penchant for belting ’em out en español” (putting out her “Mi Plan” album in all spanish.) Anyway, Enjoy!!!

Nelly Furtado Naked Eye Spread 1.2

As stylists, make-up artists, managers, label reps, publicists and latte-wielding assistants mill around a cramped hotel suite, I can’t help but think the obvious: all these people are gathered here to realize one woman’s vision. And we’re reminded that she’ll be arriving any minute. Given that we’re talking about Nelly Furtado here, one can safely assume she isn’t holding us up because of any celebrity-induced affectation or to squeeze in an extra half-hour of full-body Shiatsu. The Canadian musician of Portuguese descent didn’t exactly build her eclectic, thriving career by indulging a larger-than-life persona.

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Alicia Keys “Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart” Music Video

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Here Is The Premiere Of Alicia Keys New Single “Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart.” Directed By Syndrome, “Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart” Is The Second Single Off Of Alicia’s Fourth Studio Album “Element Of Freedom” Set To Be Released December 15.

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Beyoncé Ft. Lady Gaga “Video Phone” Music Video

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Beyonce-Lady Gaga

Here Is The Premiere Of Beyonce’s New Music Video For “Video Phone,” Which Features Lady Gaga. Directed By Hype Williams, “Video Phone” Is Beyonce’sEighth Single Off Of Her Critically Acclaimed I Am… Sasha Fierce Deluxe Edition. Enjoy!!!

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Shakira – Give It Up To Me (Ft. Lil Wayne) [Official Music Video]

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Shakira Face Pic

Shakira just dropped the official music video for her smash, “Give It Up To Me.” The music video was directed by Sophie Muller and officially premiered today. This song features Lil Wayne, and was produced by super producer, Timbaland. “Give it Up To Me” is going to be the 3rd official single off the US edition of Shakira’s “She Wolf” album, which hits stores November 23rd!!!


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Rihanna Rated R Photo-Shoot

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Rihanna Rated R Cover

With The Release Date Of Rihanna’s Fourth Studio Album Rated R Looming (November 23), We Thought It Be Best To Show You Behind The Scenes Footage Of Rihanna’s Photo Shoot For The Album. Take A Look And Tell us What You Think.

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