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Diddy (Puff Daddy) Tells MTV He Wants To Reunite With The Lox

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Diddy Clue Jadakiss Pic

People have been talking about Diddy and Mase reuniting ever since an online video surfaced in which the Harlem MC said he was coming from a meeting with the Bad Boy head honcho. But a different reunion might be going down between Diddy and one of his other acts.

“I would definitely love to do the next LOX album,” he told Mixtape Daily recently in Los Angeles. “I would love to collaborate with them. I think it’s important just to do. … I would look forward to it.”

Puff and the Warlocks together again? That would be big news for New York. The two factions were at odds for years before eventually patching things up. Jadakiss has openly discussed the possibilities in the past, but nothing has ever come out of it.

Now, with the Yonkers trio and Diddy both aligned under the Interscope umbrella, it sounds like things could be happening soon.

“We been talking about it,” Diddy revealed. “We have to sit down and have a real meeting about it.”

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