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Drake’s “Forever” Or Kardinal Offishall’s “Bring It Back”


After Hearing Drake Had A New Song, Featuring Eminem, Kanye West, And Lil Wayne , I Went On A Search To Find It. I Didn’t Take Long. A Couple Of Random Google Search Keywords And BAM!!!! {Video And Thoughts Inside}

So, Naturally, I Decided To Listen To It. When The Beat Came In, I Said To Myself,” Hey Self… This Sounds Familiar!” Being The Savvy, Musically Inclined, Connoisseur, That Im,  I Was Surprised I Couldn’t But My Finger On It. Then, It Hit Me As Soon As The Chorus/Hook Came In. It Was A Rip Of Kardinal Offishall’s “Bring It Back” Featuring Roc City.

I Was As Surprised As You! The Chorus/Hook Drake Sings Is Practically Word For Word. Of Course, The Verses Are Different, But Damn! Before The Mayhem Begins, I Don’t Know. I Don’t Know What The Circumstance Is. I Think The Kardinal Offiishall Track Was Leaked And Didn’t Make The Album.

Nun The Less! Which One Do You Think Is Better? Me Personally The Kardinal Offishall Track Is Put Togethor Much Better. Kardinal Had Better Iambic Rythm  A.K.A. Flow Going And Roc City SUNG The Chorus Better! Not To Take Anything Away From Drake. He Did Have An All Star Lineup And That Says A Lot Now-A-Days.

What Do You Think? We Need Opinions? Here Is The Material. Judge For Yourselves!

Drake’s Version:

Kardinal Offishiall’s Version:

The Original

  1. Tchou Boy
    February 25, 2010 at 4:25 PM

    I love Kardinal Offishall’s. The same thing happent to me, when i first heard Drake’s Forever i immediatly recognized Kardinal’s because i might have listened to it a thousand time ! And i think it is much better. But drake’s has eminem like you said and it counts much !

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