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PSA: Careerbuilder “Its Time” {Commercial}


This PSA is for anyone who feels stagnant.  If you are in a dead end job, working in a field that you HATE, or just trying to find yourself. Get up! Dust the kobe webs off and make a change. Venture the unbeaten path. You wouldn’t believe how a new environment/change of scenery can help.  Im not saying go to careerbuilder and find a job. NO!!!!! Let this be the spark that finally ignites a change in you. Massive or Minusquel it doesn’t matter. Carpe Diem!

P.S. I Kind Of Went A Little Deep On This One! Don’t Do Anything Too Crazy! For Example, Quite Working at A Fortune 500 Company, Divorce Your Wife/Husband, Change Your Name To Steve And Decide To Live In The Of The Outreaches Of The Serengeti. Or, Move To Alaska (NO OFFENSE TO MY ALASKAN PEOPLE)!


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