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Bow Wow “Love Struck” & “Regret” [Official Music Videos]

Bow Wow (Alcoholic)

Here is the official music video for Bow Wow’s new “Regret” song. It shows a different side of  Bowezy. Judging by the things he is bringing up in this song, i think the past rumors of Bow Wow being depressed are true. The next video is Bow’s “Love Struck” song. It features his new “Jumpoff,” Melody Thorton, From The Pussy Cat Dolls. “Love Struck” is rumored to be coming off his upcoming mixtape, “The Greenlight,” through Cash Money! Enjoy!!!

[Pop The Top For Both Music Videos * Bow’s 12 Month Recap]

“Love Struck” Music Video

“Regret” Music Video

Shouts to RealTalkNY For The “Regret” Music Video

Bow Wow’s 12 Month Recap Via [BET SoundOff/Low Key]

-April 2009: Bow Wow retires from hip-hop claiming he’s achieved everything there’s to achieve. Bow states acting is now his primary focus.

-June 2009Bow pleads with Columbia Records to release his contract freeing him to move about the industry as a free agent. Chatter of Bow’s return to music has begun.

-July 2009: After 2 months of hibernation, Bow announces via his Twitter page that he’s returning to hip-hop. Though he doesn’t confirm nor deny his next place of residence, he does insinuate offers from several major labels are on the table.

-August 2009: Bow Wow, again, announces via his Twitter page that he’s now a proud member of the Cash Money Records imprint. With this, Bow joins Lil Wayne, Baby, and the rest of the Young Money (Nicki Minaj, Drake, Jae Millz, Shanell) imprint.

  1. October 19, 2009 at 5:08 PM

    hi 😀 im looking for the instrumental for “Love Struck” i just cant find it can somebody help me 😀 please i realy want it 😀

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