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Sara Stokes (From Making The Band 2) Arrested For Stabbing Husband


Do You Remember Her?

This Is Sara Stokes… Stil Don’t Remember? Well. Let Me Refresh Your Memory. In 2002, A New Talent Search Began. Diddy, Along With His Supporting Cast, Having Phenomianal  Success (I Mean Ratings)  With Making The Band One’s O-Town, Decides He wants To Search For A New, Better, And More Dynamic Set Of Individuals. Artists, That When Together, Will Form Such A Dynamic It Will Transcend Genres. Guess Who He Found, Formed, And Finagled.

That’s Right… “DaBand.”

da bandBut Im Not Here To Talk About DaBand Or How I Think Diddy Is The Man For Tapping Into An Unforeseen Market, That Generates Millions For Him, Whether or Not He Sells An Album. Nay I Say! Im Here To Talk About A Fiasco I Stumbled Across.

The Photo Says It All


Yes!!! It Is What You Think, But The Inverse. Apparently Sarah Stokes, The Singing Songstress, Formally 1/6 Of  “DaBand,”  Is A Man Beater. She Was Arrested August 2nd For Stabbing Her Husband. According To TMZ:

“Sara stormed out of the house after arguing with her husband Tony — she tripped, fell down and accused him of doing it…..Sara — who hurt her head in the fall — grabbed a knife and stabbed Tony in the arm — while their 3 kids watched.”

Hopefully In Her Defense They Can Say It was A Mental Breakdown. Being Put On the Shelf, Never To Re-Surface Again, Unless They Have A “Making The Band: ReUnion Special” Seasons 1-8, Can Do That To You. I Just Hope Everything Can Be Sorted Out With Out It Further Traumatizing The Kids.

P.S. It’s Bad Boy Baby!!!!

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