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Concept Carz/Cool Whips: The New BMW ZX-6 “2015”

Spotted On CarBody Design

Third year  students, Jai Ho Yoo and Lukas Vanek, At The Istituto Europeo di Design of Turin, Were Faced With A Challenge Launched In Partnership With BMW. The Thesis? Designing The BMW Of 2015. The Goal? Interpreting the language evolution and the trademark essence, in view of the company’s future perspectives.

“Initially, students’ concept work focused on individuating wishes, needs, tastes and life style of The individual. As to shapes development, they were asked to find aninspiration source looking both into natural elements like the sun, the sea, the wind or the earth and in forms of expressionsuch as music, painting or arts in general.”

“For the second phase of the project, young car designers had to use the project essence and formal language individuated in the previous stage to develop both the interior and exterior of anactual car suitable to fit in an hypothetical 2015 life context and able to generate emotions while also identifying the BMW profile.”

This Is What Came Out Of It! In My Opinion, This Is The Best Design And The Most Accurate.

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