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Update: Hilarious: Banned German Sprite Ad Is A Hoax!


According To Pamil Vision


According to early reports the ad featured on YouTube was something Coca-Cola had made for the German market. The video features a couple engaging in oral sex, with the punch line showing a Sprite bottle spewing liquid onto the face of the female actress. Distasteful to the extreme, but obviously professionally produced,  the ad gained obvious popularity on the Web.  The director of the video has come forward to reveal the piece was made as a spec commercial, and not really advocated by Coke.

Just yesterday we were on the trail of YouTube with regard to Erin Andrews’ “peeping Tom” video, and in a comparative with the video of the Iranian student Neda  Soltan dieing in front of the (YouTube effectively) camera. Now comes another totally inappropriate video where a form of pornography is being shown to the general Internet community. According to several publications, including Perez Hilton’s (which we will not link to), the creator of the “Sprite” video was a celebrated video director Max Isaacson. According to Issacson’s Internet biography, he has been involved with video for MTV and other notable broadcasts. The long and short of the story is that Isaacson readily admits the Sprite video was a hoax, and says it was basically shot at his house.

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