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“Michael Vick Finally A Free Man…” [No Ankle Bracelet???]

IDK where to go with this… I don’t come from the “Suburbs” where people practically kiss, eat, and sleep with there dogs, but I do have one. I couldn’t imagine making it fight and possibly getting it hurt or even killed. What i noticed is “everybody” follows what the media says… and base their own opinion about something or someone based on what the media said. (Thats America For You) Anyway… None of us actually saw Michael Vick at the the house where they were fighting the dogs, or even seen evidence of him actually fighting dogs… He basically supported his family by buying them houses, thats what you do when you rich. But ultimately, he was the one responsible for what they where doing there. Im not saying he wasn’t wrong, but i feel we shouldn’t bash him left and right every chance we get…. remember the family members who actually got caught “red-handed” gave up the family member, “M. Vick,” just to lessen their prison time.

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