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Concept Carz/Cool Whips: BRB “Evolution” (Transformer)

To The Unsuspecting Eye, This Car Looks Good, But Average. It Is Sleek, The Rims Looks Nice, And it Looks Really Fast. But What You Don’t Know Is That This Car Can Fold. Yes…. FOLD (In All Sense Of The Word)!!!

Spotted On Jalopnik

This is the BRB Evolution —a unique sports car concept, designed by 22-year-old British engineer Daniel Bailey, that folds itself in half lengthwise to fit into tight parking spots. The concept car would fold itself into half its length by jacking itself up on its nose and tucking its rear wheels beneath. Bailey claims he was inspired by the Lamborghini Murcielago and Peugeot 908, but given the car’s appearance and Mr. Bailey’s youthful 22 years, we suspect reefer, Mountain Dew and repeated playings of Transformers may have also been involved.

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